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European Obesity Medico-Surgical Workshop: Medicine and Surgery in Optimising the Care of Obese Pati
5-6 December 2011: Maritim Hotel, Munich

This European workshop, jointly organised by EASO and IFSO-EC in collaboration with the German Obesity Association (DAG), will address key current challenges in the medical and surgical care of severe obesity and metabolic diseases. The workshop will combine keynote lectures by international experts and smaller group sessions on practical issues. The ambition of the workshop is to provide a unique forum for education and discussion of interdisciplinary management and research issues related to the medico-surgical care of severe obesity and metabolic diseases. The programme of the workshop will be relevant to both experienced and junior physicians specializing in internal medicine, diabetology, endocrinology, clinical nutrition, gastroenterology, anaesthesiology, intensive care...and surgeons together, willing to learn and exchange questions and experiences in this rapidly evolving field of obesity management.


Main Topics
• Diabetes
• Dyslipidemia
• New treatment techniques
• New and old surgical techniques – results of treatment
• Preparation and follow-up
• Adolescents and the elderly
• Pregnancy and fertility
• Evolution of co-morbidities
• Eating disorders
• GI diseases

Keynote Presentations

These sessions will cover general topics, but will include specific technical aspects

Keynotes Presentation Topics

• Standard surgical techniques
• Emerging surgical techniques
• Evolution of co-morbidities
• Bariatric surgery, infertility and pregnancy
• Bariatric surgery in adolescents and the elderly
• Adipose tissue biology – what do we learn with surgically induced weight loss
• Mechanisms of action on glucose homeostasis (incl GI peptides), and other metabolic effects
• Should comorbidity influence the choice of operation? -Defining research priorities
Group Sessions Group sessions will be carefully structured and will all follow the same pattern. These sessions will be moderated by one physician and one surgeon. The sessions will include a brief 10 minute introduction by moderators, outlining the 2 or 3 key questions to be addressed in a structured group discussion, as led by the moderators. The Group Sessions should each have expected outcomes which will provide the basis for statements/recommendations on “what is known, what is not known, what is done in practice, where should research efforts be directed to”. The outcomes will be developed in the final ‘Consensus Group Session’.

Group Session Topics

• Patients with diabetes: preparation, choice of intervention, follow-up
• Follow-up recommendations: medical, surgical, nutritional, behavioural
• The obese patient in the emergency room: diagnostic and treatment options
• Adolescents: indications, contra-indications, choice of procedures, evidence of effects
• How to define success – predictors & outcomes
• Eating disorders: how to assess them reoperatively, which are indications and contra indications and outcome evaluation
• Digestive diseases and the role of the gastroenterologist
• Different bariatric procedures
• Approach to new surgical techniques
• Optimal care for the severely obese patient preoperatively and postoperatively


• Pharmacodynamics and kinetics in morbid obesity and after surgery
• Cost-effectiveness
• Sleep apnea syndrome: pre and post operative management
• The anesthesiologist and the obese
• The severely obese elderly: what do they gain by having surgery?